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Of Mystics, Image, and Story

By Emilie Bouvier Hush, hush, my little root … my little pod Hush ... hush ... my little grandmother I read these words from Meridel Le Sueur two mornings ago to a room of women, rapt with silence, early in the morning on the first full day of the annual winter women’s retreat at Holden [...]

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We. Are. Fam-i-ly.

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen “My church is like a family!” It’s the most frequent answer I get when I ask what people like about their congregation. “We feel like a family.” There’s much to celebrate in that statement. We imagine families as places of care, deep and ongoing relationships, loving acceptance. “Family is a life [...]

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Shutdown slowdown blues

By Pastor Craig Pederson Before I felt the call to explore ordained ministry, I was a federal employee. Fresh out of college in the early 1990s, I secured a job as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration. Ironically, the Minneapolis District Office where I worked was a few blocks down Franklin Avenue just [...]

Spicing up your property management … with less salt

By Bob Hulteen How much does the Bible have to say about salt? A Lot. (Get it? That’s kind of funny, right? Okay, please don’t let a bad pun keep you from reading the rest of the blog.) Another question: How much salt does it take to contaminate a five-gallon pail of water? Guesses? The [...]

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With joy and wonder

By Grace Corbin On the last Friday evening of November, surrounded by the winter-decorated sanctuary of Central Lutheran, I sat expectantly as I waited for Augsburg’s Vespers Service to begin. Augsburg Vespers is a concert and a worship experience, led by Augsburg’s Music Department and Campus Ministry. Maybe a few of you have attended this [...]

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Wrinkled and Reddened

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen More than any time of year, it seems, Christmas is a season for remembering. The sounds, sights, and smells evoke memories of days gone by. I remember singing carols with my cousins on Christmas Eve – all of us jealous that my older brother got the best solo. I remember my [...]

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Faith without formation is dead

By Bob Hulteen Breathless, LonRay found me sweeping the porch of my Washington, D.C., rowhouse. “They set out all of Mr. and Mrs. Grant’s belongings on the street,” he yelled from the sidewalk. So, together we ran up 13th Street for a block-and-a-half and, turning left, saw the lives of this 80-year-old couple spread across [...]

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What do you “see”?

By Pastor Kelly Chatman Wishing you God’s richest blessing as we enter this Advent season and new church year. In addition to serving part time on synod staff, I am blessed to serve a wonderfully diverse congregation. Redeemer is a 110-year-old Lutheran congregation and in our Sunday worship we usually number around 100 people. Among [...]

The Saints Nick and John the Baptist

By Pastor John Hulden It’s Cyber Monday! I’m writing a blog instead of Christmas shopping online. You are welcome. We are also approaching the First Sunday in Advent. Sheesh, it’s either really hard or an amazing opportunity for us church-y folk during this time of Advent-waiting and Christmas-shopping. Although being counter-cultural is not easy, it [...]

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