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The witness and wisdom of the global church

May 1st, 2018|0 Comments

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen If you are Christian growing up in Northeastern Nigeria, you will likely face additional hurdles when applying for university or secondary school. If you were a Christian growing up in Leipzig [...]

Don’t you just ‘love’ Caesar?

April 17th, 2018|0 Comments

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen Did you get your taxes done? Perhaps, the storm gave you time needed to finish. Perhaps, you just got your Form 4868 done early (and if you’re not familiar with Form [...]

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

May 21st, 2018|0 Comments

By Emilie Bouvier O Holy One, stirring Spirit of Pentecost, we give thanks for the gentle breeze, the rushing wind of storms, the wind that carries seeds, and the wind that powers electricity. Help us [...]

Can the empire strike back?

May 15th, 2018|0 Comments

By Bob Hulteen I loved the red-letter edition of the Bible growing up. Now, it so happened that the Bible my folks gave me also had a red cover, but that’s not why I loved [...]

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