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Conference Assemblies are important for voting members to prepare for the Minneapolis Area Synod Assembly in May 2017.

We are doing it a little differently this year: Four separate gatherings — based on geography around the synod — should make it easier for everyone to attend. All are welcome to attend the conference assemblies, but rostered ministers and voting members for the 2017 Synod Assembly are expected to attend.

Keep this commitment in mind when electing voting members at annual meetings.

  • Minneapolis area: University Lutheran Church of Hope, Minneapolis
    • includes Central, South Minneapolis, and North Minneapolis conferences
  • North Metro area: Peace Lutheran Church, Coon Rapids
    • includes Northern, Northwest Hennepin, and Northwest-Eastside conferences
  • South Metro area: Edina Community Lutheran Church, Edina
    • includes Crosstown, Bloomington, and Southwest conferences
  • West Metro area: Our Father’s Lutheran Church, Rockford
    • includes 394 Corridor, Western Parks and Lakes, and Western Waters conferences

If you don’t know which conference you’re in, check out this list >

Conference Assemblies Registration

  • examples: pastor, deacon, chaplain, member, president