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Join us for a workshop about making a difference in the lives of women, families and our shared community. InFaith Community Foundation has hosted women’s workshops for two years and men have asked to attend and be part of the discussion. Now is your chance!

Did you know?
• Women are generous. They make two thirds of all charitable decisions.
• Women have the last word. They live on average five years longer than men.
• Women control wealth. They hold over half of the wealth in the U.S.
• Women worship. Nearly 2/3 of those in church are women.

Men, learn more about:
• Differing charitable motivations for men and women
• Views on abundance and scarcity
• A first-of-its-kind investment portfolio for your charitable assets
• Taking part in a movement to stop violence against women and families

Hosted by InFaith Community Foundation in partnership with Casa de Esperanza and Thrivent Financial.

Call 800-365-4172 with questions.