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Congregations of the Minneapolis Area Synod conduct between 30 and 40 call processes every year. “We are impressed with the caliber of pastors and leaders called to serve in our synod and we invest in the ongoing growth and excellence of our leaders,” affirms Bishop Ann Svennungsen.

The first step for rostered ministers interested in a call in this synod is to prepare and post a Rostered Minister Profile (RMP). The synod continually updates a list of congregations engaged in call processes. If you are interested in your RMP being submitted to a particular congregation, please contact Karen Ohm, who will bring your name to the synod staff for the first step in the discernment process.

The synod staff meets every week to prayerfully consider candidates whose gifts match with congregations in a call process.


About 84.5 percent of ordained men and women are actively serving in congregations.

Call Process Timeline

Ministry Site Profile

Use the ELCA Ministry Site Profile (MSP) to describe your mission and improve your search for a rostered leader.

Ministry Site Profile