Calling a new rostered minister, either pastor or deacon, is a process that offers a congregation a unique opportunity to honestly assess their gifts, engage with their community, and create a vision for the future.

The Minneapolis Area Synod staff is here to support congregations as they work through the process of calling a new rostered minister.  We will walk with you through each step, considering each congregation’s unique situation.  It is our commitment to find candidates that are the best matches for each congregation.

The first thing to do when you find out you will be calling a rostered minister is to contact Karen Ohm, Director of Roster and Call Process, at the synod office. She will connect you with one of the Bishop’s Assistants who will walk with you through the transition time and call process.

She can also send you The In-Between Time: Seven Checklists for Congregations in a Season of Transition.  These checklists take you step-by-step through saying farewell to your outgoing minister, bringing an interim pastor on board if needed, carrying out your mission during transition, exploring what it is you want in a new minister, completing your Ministry Site Profile, creating a call committee to carry the call process forward, recommending a final candidate, and welcoming your new minister.

The checklists are supported by appendices that provide further information, resources, and forms that you will need as you engage the call process.


About 84.5 percent of ordained men and women are actively serving in congregations.

Call Process Timeline

Ministry Site Profile

Use the ELCA Ministry Site Profile (MSP) to describe your mission and improve your search for a rostered leader.

Ministry Site Profile