Sharing a deep commitment to faithful stewardship of God’s creation, the Minneapolis Area Synod can assist congregations who are working to improve the environmental sustainability and energy efficiency of their church properties.

Specifically, the synod has established the Energy Efficiency Loan Fund to provide the initial capitalization of energy efficiency projects (with loans up to $10,000). The individual congregation uses the loan to increase energy efficiency; the money it saves in energy bills provides funds to repay the loan.

After the loan is fully repaid, the congregation’s savings on energy bills can be applied to other ministries in the congregation AND the replenished loan fund can invest in additional church’s efficiency projects.

To Qualify

  • A congregation must have completed the EnerChange energy audit before applying for a loan from the Energy Efficiency Loan Fund (EELF). The EnerChange audit provides a list of options to aid in the design of a plan for the energy efficient upgrades. (The audit identifies particular improvements for each congregation, and can serve as the basic outline for the one-page application form for the EELF loan.)
  • The congregation must address all of the “no cost” items on the audit, and verify they have been addressed on the one-page application form.
  • The loan fund will only approve loans of $10,000 or less. All funds must be used for the intended improvements. (No funds can be used “against invoice” – in other words, to reimburse non-professionals or in-kind work.)

To Begin

  • The congregational council must approve the portion of the energy plan that involves the EELF. (A copy of minutes from the Council meeting where the action was taken should be included with the one-page application form.) The council will also designate an official contact person.
  • The EEF will charge a 1.75% administrative fee on each loan so that the entire initial capitalization continues to be available for the revolving loan fund.
  • The Minneapolis Area Synod will not require that the loan be collateralized.

To Repay

  • The loan will be repaid with the savings arising from the improvement, using the projections from EnerChange (or a qualified vendor working with EnerChange) for the length of time to recoup the amount of the loan. (Most of the projects suggested by EnerChange will have a three-year or less period for experiencing an energy-cost reduction.)
  • Upon completion of the improvement project, the contact person from the congregation will inform a representative of the EELF and will supply documentation that the work was performed.
  • Upon completion of the repayment of the loan, the congregational contact person will fill out a short evaluation regarding the project and return it to the designated EELF representative.
  • One project by any particular congregation (including repayment of the loan) must be completed before an application for the next project will be considered.
Download the Energy Efficiency Loan application

For more information or questions about the Energy Efficiency Loan Fund:
Craig Pederson
Minneapolis Area Synod
122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55404

To schedule a free energy-efficiency audit: 
Michael T’Kach
23505 Smithtown Rd.
Suite 280
Shorewood, MN 55331

Applications for loans should
be sent to:

Minneapolis Area Synod
ATTN: Energy Efficiency
Loan Fund
122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 600
Minneapolis, MN 55404