Miscellaneous Rostered Job Opportunities

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Position Title: Senior Pastor

Organization Name and City: St. Luke Presbyterian Church, Minnetonka

Brief Position Description and How to Apply: St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka, MN is seeking a senior pastor. We are a joyful, inclusive and compassionate community on a spiritual journey seeking to do justice, make peace, to act mercifully and to walk humbly with God.

We are a church in the progressive wing of the Presbyterian Church USA. Our concepts of God are varied and we share a commitment to openness. We seek to be intellectually challenged and nurtured spiritually. We are a large theological tent for those on a quest for a deeper understanding of their faith. Some of us are more focused on seeking to understand Jesus, some of us believing in a transcendent God, and still others of us speak of meeting God in community or nature.

God’s love inspires us to seek to understand complex world problems and act to bring social justice to all. We believe we have an ambitious and rich vision for St Luke, one that requires energy, and creativity and risk-taking, but also focus and organization. We look to our head of staff to inspire us, encourage us to collaborate creatively together and be compassionate toward one another as we move into a new, different and exciting future.

Our ideal candidate would need to be personally excited about our vision.
They will be:
• passionate about social justice and developing our next generation of leaders
• excited about the opportunity for on-going exploration of creative approaches to worship, theology and spirituality
• compassionate, but also have a strong sense of self and able to model personal resilience and flexibility
• outgoing, socially engaging and with a relaxed interpersonal style
• join the St. Luke community in finding joy, love and the Divine in community, through enjoyment of the arts, study, laughter and conversation
• be a facilitator—someone who can help set strategy and vision, then help us pursue these through collaboration, interpersonal engagement and organizational agility, as well as the ability to help us bring areas of disagreement into the open and work through them with compassion and care
• challenge, inspire and motivate us, to be an agent of change through strong preaching and creative, entrepreneurial risk-taking

If you are interested in this position you will need to go through your Synod’s call process and the St. Luke’s website at www.stluke.mn/employment/

Application Deadline: Octoberber 31, 2017

Part-time or Full-time: Full-time 

Contact Person: Garrett Winters, pnc@stluke.mn, (952) 564-4865

Posted on 8/24/17