TubfrimMindekirken (Norwegian Lutheran Church, Minneapolis) is doing mission in a new way. This past year alone, they have collected 38 pounds of cancelled stamps and used phone cards to help handicapped children and youth in Norway, and support tuberculosis research. Members of Mindekirken and people around the country bring (or even pay postage to mail) in used stamps and phone cards. The stamps need to have a 1/2” border around them. The stamps are sorted by a Mindekirken volunteer and marked as “U.S. Stamps” or Foreign Stamps.” At the end of each year, they are turned into Sons of Norway (who has been collecting stamps for over 50 years), who ships them to an organization called Tubfrim in Norway.

Tubfrim was established in Nesbyen in 1928 and the first year brought a profit of NOK 1.500 ($198.87 USD) was made. In 2011, the profits totaled NOK 650.000 ($86,157.22 USD). This money helps improve the quality of life for handicapped children and youth – and support tuberculosis research. For more information on how you can support this mission, visit Mindekirken’s website orTubfrim’s website.