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The Bishop is the chief executive officer of the Minneapolis Area Synod. The highest legislative authority is the annual synod assembly. Between assemblies, the Synod Council (elected at the assembly) serves as the synod’s board of directors and interim legislative authority. The Synod Council consists of the Bishop, three elected officers, two youth, and 9-11 members elected at-large.

MAS Constitution
ELCA Constitution

Executive Committee of the Minneapolis Area Synod

Bishop Ann M. Svennungsen
Mr. Craig Johnson, Vice President
Mr. Ty Inglis, Treasurer
Rev. Tom Olson, Secretary
Ms. Felecia Boone
Mr. Stu Deuring
Mr. Ross Eichlersmith

The Vice President of the synod and the Chair of the Synod Council is Mr. Craig Johnson. The other Synod Council Members are:

  • Ms. Felecia Boone
  • Rev. Valerie Brown-Greenly
  • Rev. Joseph Crippen
  • Mr. Stuart Deuring
  • Mr. Ross Eichelberger
  • Mr. Josue Gonzalez
  • Rev. Diane Greve
  • Mr. Ty Inglis, Treasurer
  • Mr. Joseph Lindell
  • Ms. Bridget Mielke
  • Rev. Doug Mork
  • Ms. Leah Nelson
  • Rev. Thomas Olson, Secretary
  • Rev. Dr. Robyn Provis
  • Ms. Ee Her Thao

The synod is divided into 12 conferences and each conference is overseen by a dean.