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The Minneapolis Area Synod is governed by an annual Synod Assembly. According to our constitution, ministers on the roster and lay voting members from each congregation elect a Synod Council and Bishop to provide oversight and leadership between Synod Assemblies. Day-to-day work is carried out by the synod staff and various synod committees, including the deans of each conference.


Each expression of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is governed by a unique constitution: Churchwide, Synod, and Congregation. These documents reflect the theology and polity of the church as it organizes itself to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, share the sacraments, reach out to the neighbor with good news and share the love of God in the world.

MAS Constitution
ELCA Constitution

Synod Council

The Synod Council serves as the synod’s board of directors and interim legislative authority. The Synod Council consists of the Bishop, three elected officers, two youth members, and 9-11 members elected at-large. The Bishop serves as the chief executive officer and the Synod Vice President serves as chair of the Synod Council. The Synod Council meets 5 times per year.

  • Rev. Valerie Brown-Greenly
  • Rev. Joseph Crippen
  • Mr. Josue Gonzalez
  • Rev. Diane Greve
  • Mr. Joseph Lindell
  • Ms. Bridget Mielke
  • Rev. Valerie Brown-Greenly
  • Rev. Joseph Crippen
  • Mr. Josue Gonzalez

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the four Synod Council officers and three at-large members. They meet with Bishop Svennungsen monthly.

Bishop Ann M. Svennungsen
Mr. Craig Johnson, Vice President
Mr. Ty Inglis, Treasurer
Rev. Tom Olson, Secretary
Ms. Felecia Boone
Mr. Stu Deuring
Mr. Ross Eichelberger


Conference Deans stay in regular contact with rostered ministers within the conference; they also meet with the synod bishop bi-monthly. Deans are elected by the Conference Assembly for a three-year term.