Responding to God’s call in Genesis 2 to “till (Heb: serve) the earth and keep (Heb: care for/protect) it,” the EcoFaith Network (EFN), an initiative of the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA, exists to call and equip individuals and faith communities in becoming “watershed disciples” through:

Developing and supporting a growing network of earth-stewards
Promoting education and learning; creating and sharing resources to grow awareness of and care for the environment
Identifying opportunities and encouraging advocacy through public policy, community action, and individual change

“We won’t save places we don’t love. We can’t love places we don’t know. We don’t know places we haven’t learned.” — Baba Dioum, Senegalese Environmentalist

Congregations Connecting on Energy

Energy Themed Worship Tool Kit
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Our Watershed Moment: Communities Connecting to Waters of Life

EFN is leading “Our WatersheEFN Icond Moment” initiative, engaging communities of faith in dialogue and action around water, spirituality, and eco-justice. For Christians, the opportunity to “gather at the river” was a way to celebrate and inspire the community of faith. They took a sacred rite outdoors to a place rich with meaning, and baptized new initiates into the life-giving waters of the nearest watershed.

The Minneapolis Area Synod, as part of Our Watershed Moment, encourages congregations to offer public Gather at the River events, where education, worship, and sharing inspire new generations of faith leaders to appreciate the wonder of creation and work for its flourishing.

In addition to these events, EFN has created an Our Watershed Moment Toolkit that you can download below. The Toolkit is a thought-filled collection of resources to help communities connect more deeply to the watershed in which they live, and to serve and care for water.

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Our Watershed Moment Toolkit
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