Interim pastors play a vital role in the ministry of congregations, providing congregational care and missional guidance in times of transition.

The interim pastors serving Minneapolis Area Synod congregations are gifted and enthusiastic about their work and committed to continuously improving their skills. They meet every month for gatherings that provide edification, prayer, and support.

Eight Foundations of Interim Ministry

  • To maintain the viability of the congregation
  • To bring closure to the previous pastor’s ministry
  • To reinforce the ministry of the laity
  • To clarify the mission of the congregation
  • To address specific and special needs of the congregation
  • To provide for a congregation self-study and development of a vision and mission plan
  • To strengthen denominational ties
  • To prepare the congregation for their next leader

If you are interested in becoming an interim pastor in the Minneapolis Area Synod, please contact Pastor John Hulden, assistant to the bishop.

There are currently 21 Interim Pastors serving in the Minneapolis Area Synod
Interim Agreement