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“Excellent ministry is collegial:  It can only be done in the company of others, in community.”
— Dr. John Wimmer, Lilly Endowment

With generous funding from the Pastoral Excellence Network, the Minneapolis Area Synod provides a variety of peer group opportunities for rostered ministers and staff members — with the hope that all leaders might find ways to gather in an intentional, prayerful peer groups for support and learning.

The top ten reasons every church staff member should be in a MAS Peer Group:

10. grant money
9. sharing fun, food, & beverages
8. hearing hard things from people you trust
7. safe space to be yourself
6. better learning together
5. a place to be heard & understood
4. prayer & spiritual support
3. accountability
2. deep connections with peers
1. the best leaders are in peer groups

Special Opportunity for Members of Peer Groups:
Improv Night on Resilience with Rev. Sarah Ciavarri

Professional ministry requires the capacity to welcome interruptions, to walk into unknown situations with trust and grace, to play in the moment when there isn’t a script. The tenets of improv support ministry in surprisingly applicable and simple ways; it is yes/and, working with what you are given, letting go of self-judgment, embracing your humanity, and trusting your partners to support you. This evening is interactive; it isn’t a theater performance. We will all be in it together utilizing multiple exercises to see what the Spirit will bring with our yes/ands.
May 30, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.
McKenna Crossing
13810 Shepherds Path NW
Prior Lake, MN 55379
Space is limited, register below soon.

Get Started

Want to learn more? Read Pastor John Hulden’s blog post on how to start a peer group. Then, select and fill out a form below. Once you press submit, the form will be automatically sent to the synod office. (You must complete and submit the entire form in one sitting, as you will not be able to save your work part-way through). If you would like a copy, right click on the form and print it before you submit it.

If you would like to apply for a grant, complete the grant request form below. To continue offering resources to as many people as possible, we encourage groups to try and match the amount of money they request. With questions, contact Peg Ihinger, 612-230-3308.

“Our Peer Group” Form
“Starting a Peer Group” Form
Grant Request Form