With joy and wonder

By Grace Corbin On the last Friday evening of November, surrounded by the winter-decorated sanctuary of Central Lutheran, I sat expectantly as I waited for Augsburg’s Vespers Service to begin. Augsburg Vespers is a concert and a worship experience, led by Augsburg’s Music Department and Campus Ministry. Maybe a few of you have attended this [...]

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The Saints Nick and John the Baptist

By Pastor John Hulden It’s Cyber Monday! I’m writing a blog instead of Christmas shopping online. You are welcome. We are also approaching the First Sunday in Advent. Sheesh, it’s either really hard or an amazing opportunity for us church-y folk during this time of Advent-waiting and Christmas-shopping. Although being counter-cultural is not easy, it [...]

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Prepare Ye the Way of Justice

By Bob Hulteen “Wait. Just wait.” The luminous blaze bouncing off the shiny red ornaments on a Christmas tree adorned with spray-can snow was too enticing. Homemade bows encircled the boxes adorned in green, red, and yellow, filling the space under the tree. I longed to "free" the treasures that awaited by a slow, methodical [...]

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December 24 lands on a Sunday; now what?

By Pastor John Hulden Aren’t we as Minnesotans blessed with the beauty of the changing of the seasons? Thursday was Thanksgiving. Friday was, well, Black. Yesterday was Christ the King Reign of Christ Sunday. That is followed by Cyber Monday. (OMGosh! I forgot to do all my Cyber Monday online shopping!) And now, Advent is [...]

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The Hosts of Heaven Present With Us

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen We’re not always good at waiting. Stopped at a red light or standing behind several others in the checkout line, we become antsy, impatient. So, when Advent calls us into the spiritual practice of waiting – prayerful, expectant waiting – we’re not sure we like the invitation. Last year, however, I [...]

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By Rev. Deb Stehlin, Director for Evangelical Mission As I’ve been out and about lately, I’ve noticed people wearing safety pins. It’s something that first started after the Brexit vote in Europe, as a sign that the person wearing the pin is “safe.” A person wearing a safety pin has decided to help if someone [...]

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