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Faith without formation is dead

By Bob Hulteen Breathless, LonRay found me sweeping the porch of my Washington, D.C., rowhouse. “They set out all of Mr. and Mrs. Grant’s belongings on the street,” he yelled from the sidewalk. So, together we ran up 13th Street for a block-and-a-half and, turning left, saw the lives of this 80-year-old couple spread across [...]

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For All My Relations

By Bob Hulteen “In the beginning, God created … “ What a profound context we reside in – God’s creation. And we are all “the created,” siblings directly with all people, but related as well to all living things. We are all of the stuff that God brought into existence, from igneous rock to sperm [...]

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It looks different from here

By Bob Hulteen Last Sunday I walked downstairs to retrieve the StarTribune from my front porch. Now, I hadn’t yet had coffee, which friends will acknowledge makes me potentially homicidal. Add to that a forecast for another day above 90 degrees and you will appreciate my mood. As I unwrapped the rubber band from the [...]

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$47,000 … and change

By Bob Hulteen Indulge me a proud dad moment, if you will. My older daughter Korla Masters (who is getting ready to do her seminary internship in St. Paul this fall) related a story from last week, as we drove up to the Twin Cities from St. Louis this weekend. Last week, the Presbyterian Church [...]

Can the empire strike back?

By Bob Hulteen I loved the red-letter edition of the Bible growing up. Now, it so happened that the Bible my folks gave me also had a red cover, but that’s not why I loved the red print. No, it’s because I was really only interested in Jesus. Now, I also loved Captain America and [...]

No More Politics in the Pulpit, … Perhaps

By Bob Hulteen My funny bone praises God for the dry (and sometimes not-so-dry) humor provided by The Onion, a news source that has its fingers on the pulse of American culture. Staff writers take dry news stories and bring them to life, much like the Valley of the Dry Bones. As a comic book [...]

For What Do We Give Thanks?

As I opened the over-sized cardboard box, I first noticed an ancient-looking coloring book page with pastel markings of a bunny and an egg. But the next level of excavation in this container my aunt had dutifully kept for decades yielded an advertisement carefully cut out of a magazine when I was likely still in [...]

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Drink and Swear

By Bob Hulteen, Director of Communications and Stewardship Since I am now an ardent advocate of nonviolence, many readers who know me might be surprised to find out that I was often in fist fights during the three-block walk home from my elementary school. (It might be more accurate to say that I often lost [...]

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Overheard and overwhelmed

By Bob Hulteen, Director of Communications and Stewardship Running out the door of my house to catch the bus, I overheard a rather intimate conversation between a father and daughter as he accompanied her to the school just two blocks east. “That’s what being homeless means, honey,” he said. “We don’t have a house.” A [...]

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Process or content

By Bob Hulteen, Director of Communications and Stewardship Is stewardship more about outcome or process? I mean, budgets must be met, right? Buildings must be heated in the long, cold winter months. Professional staff must be compensated for the ministry they offer. But, if we only look at paying bills, do we ever really get [...]

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