We. Are. Fam-i-ly.

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen “My church is like a family!” It’s the most frequent answer I get when I ask what people like about their congregation. “We feel like a family.” There’s much to celebrate in that statement. We imagine families as places of care, deep and ongoing relationships, loving acceptance. “Family is a life [...]

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Make straight a path, Lord, … oh, and the hair

By Grace Corbin It was 6:45 in the morning. I was standing in the bathroom of my house, straightening my hair and getting ready for another day of classes during my junior year of high school. This is, for many people, a time when they start asking themselves: “What’s next?” Now, I had been asking [...]

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An Opportunity for Resurrection: A Reformation Sermon

Bishop Ann Svennungsen offered this sermon during the Reformation worship of the Ministerium gathering of the Minneapolis Area Synod and the Saint Paul Area Synod at Christ the King Lutheran Church in New Brighton, Minnesota, on October 31, 2017.  I’ve been thinking about what Luther would say if he were here today. How does his [...]

Incarnating Community

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen How important is it for a pastor to know how to form and lead a healthy community? In addition to teaching pastors how to preach, teach, and provide pastoral care, should seminaries teach students the skills to build community? This was not a part of the curriculum in the 1980s when [...]

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What’s said in Leipzig, stays in … people’s memories for decades

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen I have a new resolution: “Each year, take at least one of group of synodical leaders on a week-long mission trip.” Just last Thursday, 16 of our synod’s rostered leaders returned from a ten-day visit to our companion synod in Leipzig, German. It was the week of Germany’s premiere celebration of [...]

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