A spirit of change

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen Did you feel the winds shift this month? Maybe it was the same wind that inspired Peter’s Pentecost sermon, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.” We’ve heard a few more daughters prophesying in synod assemblies around the ELCA this spring. Seven [...]

Being the Church after a Presidential Election

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen What happens after an election -- especially one as divisive as this? What is the role of the church? The synod? The congregation? As in all elections, there are winners and losers. Most of us learned as children about the appropriate responses to such events. After losing the state basketball championship [...]

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An Impossible Task

When I tell my colleague bishops about our plan for the synod to host “God in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer: An Election Year Worship Service," they have two immediate responses: “What a great idea. What an impossible task.” The consensus is that, yes, we should pray for elections and governmental leaders AND, no, it [...]

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