Emilie Bouvier

“Dear God, thank you for today”

By Emilie Bouvier These days as I settle back into life in Minneapolis, I’ve been sharing a roof not only with two very close friends, but also their two amazing toddlers. Antalya, who is 4, and her little sister Aurelia are the dearest kiddos in my life and an absolute hoot to call housemates. Yes, [...]

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Between a Rock and a Healing Place

By Emilie Bouvier Early in the 20th century, photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson complained, “The world is going to pieces and people like [Ansel] Adams and [Edward] Weston are photographing rocks!” In a desperate retort, Adams replied that a rock was more socially significant than a line of the unemployed. Now that’s a bit far perhaps, but [...]

An Ode to Toast and the Limits of Winter

By Emilie Bouvier Wednesday, February 6, was the day that Charo was taken away. Who is Charo (other than a famous flamenco guitarist), you ask? Charo is the name of the large, delightfully warm, conveyor toaster that graces the dining hall of Holden Village. That is, when there’s enough power to keep her plugged in. [...]

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Of Mystics, Image, and Story

By Emilie Bouvier Hush, hush, my little root … my little pod Hush ... hush ... my little grandmother I read these words from Meridel Le Sueur two mornings ago to a room of women, rapt with silence, early in the morning on the first full day of the annual winter women’s retreat at Holden [...]

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And scream till we ignore/All we held dear before

By Emilie Bouvier An unlikely group of people gathered at a Catholic retreat center last month in rural Michigan. We were a combination of faith leaders from institutions around the Midwest and frontline activists from Flint and Detroit working amidst the ongoing water crises there. Amidst the aromas of cafeteria-style comfort food, I sat down [...]

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Finding Center

By Emilie Bouvier “FWAP.” There’s something so gratifying about feeling the weight and hard slap of clay against the wedging stone in my kitchen. This is the first step in the process of pottery throwing – wedging out air bubbles, getting the clay pliable and consistent. Then over to the wheel. A final “fwap” of [...]

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

By Emilie Bouvier O Holy One, stirring Spirit of Pentecost, we give thanks for the gentle breeze, the rushing wind of storms, the wind that carries seeds, and the wind that powers electricity. Help us to steward these gifts of wind and air, and all your good creation. Lord in your mercy, ... hear our [...]

For the love of Earth Day

By Emilie Bouvier Several months worth of large-sheet calendar pages decorate my office wall; if you’ve been by, you’ve seen them. I like how the sheets motivate me to plan ahead and see the momentum that we build through organizing across the weeks and months. But I’ll admit, when I ripped off the calendar month [...]

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Door Knocking for Jesus

By Emilie Bouvier, Congregational Organizer for Environmental Justice “Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” As an emerging environmental organizer, I have many hours of stories about “on door” exchanges – comical moments, connections of surprising depth, harsh words, encouraging support, and a wide variety of snacks shared with me in moments of grace. [...]

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