An Ode to Toast and the Limits of Winter

By Emilie Bouvier Wednesday, February 6, was the day that Charo was taken away. Who is Charo (other than a famous flamenco guitarist), you ask? Charo is the name of the large, delightfully warm, conveyor toaster that graces the dining hall of Holden Village. That is, when there’s enough power to keep her plugged in. [...]

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EcoFaith Energy Engagement Event — POSTPONED

Due to icy road conditions, the EcoFaith Energy Engagement Event scheduled for February 5 at Bethel Lutheran Church is postponed. Once a new date has been scheduled, this information will be updated. If you want to be notified by email, please sign up EcoFaith newsletter here. ----- Don't you wish you knew more about energy [...]

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

By Emilie Bouvier O Holy One, stirring Spirit of Pentecost, we give thanks for the gentle breeze, the rushing wind of storms, the wind that carries seeds, and the wind that powers electricity. Help us to steward these gifts of wind and air, and all your good creation. Lord in your mercy, ... hear our [...]

At Pentecost, the answer is blowing in the wind

By Emilie Bouvier “Think of a time in which you powerfully experienced public space.” This is what I asked a room of faith leaders this week at the Peer Group Lunch and Learn I led this week. We went around and told stories (in two sentences or less!) about everything from rallies to hospital waiting [...]