The spiritual practice of letting go

By Pastor Deb Stehlin On Sunday, the people of Grace Lutheran Church in Apple Valley voted to call me as their senior pastor. They did this even though I warned them that choosing me means they’re getting an evangelist. As I begin the spiritual work of letting go of my current platform for evangelism, it [...]

E-Newsletters I Love

Email newsletters can be such a blessing – and such a curse! They are a great way to keep up with a church, an online resource, or a writer of interest without doing a deep-dive into new material... but WOW, can they fill up your inbox in a hurry! At the risk of inducing “inbox [...]

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Evangelism — Lutheran Style

"Many Samaritans believed in Jesus because of her testimony." After hearing about living water, the Samaritan woman left her water jar by the well (no time to lug that heavy thing!) and ran to the city. Her witness to the people might be the best example I've seen of Evangelism -- Lutheran style. She tells [...]

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