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Churchy leadership

By Pr. John Hulden Ah! It’s the day after Easter Sunday. For you churchy people – just accept that you are a churchy person since you are reading this churchy blog – this week after Lent/Holy Week/Easter Sunday is a time to catch our breath. It’s respite at least for a little while, before we [...]

“Workin’ my Committee for the Lord”

By Pastor John Hulden I go out to church now      workin' my committee for the Lord I go every second Tuesday night      workin' my committee for the Lord Jesus called disciples      workin' that committee for the Lord yeah he went down to the lakeshore      workin' that committee [...]

When two or three are gathered, you didn’t organize well enough

By Pr. John Hulden OK, so Matthew 18:20 is that oft quoted, much beloved verse: For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them. (NRSV) It’s beautiful, right? (Caution: I’m going to get a little grumpy here.) Nine times out of ten, I really can’t stand when someone quotes [...]

A Cheeseburger Justice Story, 1968

By Pr. John Hulden I love cheeseburgers. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved cheeseburgers When I was 8 years old or so, my family stopped in a small town in Oregon for a mid-trip lunch at a main street café. After all of us had ordered, I looked out the big [...]

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Linked with Our Muslim Neighbors

By Rev. Craig Pederson I have a LinkedIn account, as many people do. I can’t remember when and why I set it up, but there must have been an invitation of some kind, or an article I wanted to read, that required me to set up a user profile. Now, I’ve given LinkedIn enough information [...]

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Confessions of a Church Newsletter Junkie

By Pastor John Hulden Yep, I love reading church newsletters. I like the pictures, the announcements, and, … the “Pastor’s Page” or “Pastor’s Corner” or “From the Pastor” or “A Word from the Pastor” — whatever it might be called. Did you know that church council minutes are fascinating? After decades of church newsletter reading, [...]

Bus Stop Love

By Rev. John Hulden Many years ago, year after year on the day after Labor Day, I would proclaim, “Today, I’m the happiest taxpayer ever!” Why? After another raucous and free-wheelin’ summer with four kids, Becky and I were thrilled to send our little munchkins off to public school. Thank you property taxes, income taxes, [...]