Kelly Chatman

Singing the future into existence now

By Pr. Kelly Chatman It’s time to have the talk in the church. I have been in the Lutheran Church for a long time. (I actually graduated from Lutheran high school, college, and seminary.) I learned early that if a preacher was preaching to the choir, she wasn’t preaching to me. If we are only [...]

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Daring to lead when tragedy befalls

By Pastor Kelly Chatman I read a recent headline that stated, “Florida teens staged a walkout to protest gun violence in solidarity with their peers, and these future voters are going to change the world.” I want to thank God for the leadership and witness of youth. Young people have been known to carry God’s [...]

I like you just the way you are

By Pastor Deb Stehlin Yesterday, a friend and I went to see the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater production of “Make Believe Neighborhood.” It’s a masterful mash-up of the story of the radical Christian, Mr. Rogers, with vignettes of people who are making the Phillips neighborhood more, well, neighborly. That includes Pastors [...]