Luther Crest Bible Camp

ELPNA Fall Retreat: “Led by Grace; I am Who I am”

"Led by Grace; I am Who I am" Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association (ELPNA) Fall Retreat Keynoter: Tammy Devine Objectives: 1. Identify personal strengths and discuss ways to utilize them in daily living. 2. Identify core values and methods employed to utilize them in daily living. 3. Create a spiritual autobiography 4. Apply spiritual disciplines [...]

Churchy leadership

By Pr. John Hulden Ah! It’s the day after Easter Sunday. For you churchy people – just accept that you are a churchy person since you are reading this churchy blog – this week after Lent/Holy Week/Easter Sunday is a time to catch our breath. It’s respite at least for a little while, before we [...]