Decisions are made by those that show up

By Bob Hulteen Two of my colleagues jokingly challenged me to work a clip from The West Wing into my next staff devotions. I would say that they know me so well but, in all honesty, you probably only have to know me for about 10 minutes to know of my addiction to this TV [...]

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I like you just the way you are

By Pastor Deb Stehlin Yesterday, a friend and I went to see the In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theater production of “Make Believe Neighborhood.” It’s a masterful mash-up of the story of the radical Christian, Mr. Rogers, with vignettes of people who are making the Phillips neighborhood more, well, neighborly. That includes Pastors [...]

Linked with Our Muslim Neighbors

By Rev. Craig Pederson I have a LinkedIn account, as many people do. I can’t remember when and why I set it up, but there must have been an invitation of some kind, or an article I wanted to read, that required me to set up a user profile. Now, I’ve given LinkedIn enough information [...]

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Seeing Through a Glass, Clearly

By Bishop Ann Svennungsen When my father started his optometric practice, he borrowed $2,000 from a local farmer to purchase equipment. When I asked how far $2,000 went in 1952, he said, “Not far. We spent most of it on the phoropter. You know, the instrument for testing vision, the one with all the lenses. [...]

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