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Home field advantage

By Pastor John Hulden Pictures tell stories. Take a look at this photograph (on the right) from May 1919. These are St. Olaf College students, canoeing down the Cannon River to Red Wing, Minnesota, to attend ... (take a deep breath and say out loud): “The First National Convention of the Young People’s Luther League [...]

Bread vs. wine and other church conflicts

By Pastor John Hulden It was 1970. The national convention for the American Lutheran Church (ALC) was in Minneapolis. (The ALC was one of the predecessor church bodies that formed the ELCA in 1988.) It was at that 1970 gathering that the ALC voted to ordain women. The fight was tough. At a worship service [...]

Churchy leadership

By Pr. John Hulden Ah! It’s the day after Easter Sunday. For you churchy people – just accept that you are a churchy person since you are reading this churchy blog – this week after Lent/Holy Week/Easter Sunday is a time to catch our breath. It’s respite at least for a little while, before we [...]

“Workin’ my Committee for the Lord”

By Pastor John Hulden I go out to church now      workin' my committee for the Lord I go every second Tuesday night      workin' my committee for the Lord Jesus called disciples      workin' that committee for the Lord yeah he went down to the lakeshore      workin' that committee [...]

This changes everything … every three years

By Pastor John Hulden My siblings and I grew up on a three-year summer schedule. Every third summer, some (or all) of us were off to the next National Lutheran Youth Gathering. We all can name off the gathering cities from the ’60s and ’70s into the ’80s – Miami, Detroit, Seattle, New York City, [...]

A Cheeseburger Justice Story, 1968

By Pr. John Hulden I love cheeseburgers. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved cheeseburgers When I was 8 years old or so, my family stopped in a small town in Oregon for a mid-trip lunch at a main street café. After all of us had ordered, I looked out the big [...]

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