“Dear God, thank you for today”

By Emilie Bouvier These days as I settle back into life in Minneapolis, I’ve been sharing a roof not only with two very close friends, but also their two amazing toddlers. Antalya, who is 4, and her little sister Aurelia are the dearest kiddos in my life and an absolute hoot to call housemates. Yes, [...]

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“Workin’ my Committee for the Lord”

By Pastor John Hulden I go out to church now      workin' my committee for the Lord I go every second Tuesday night      workin' my committee for the Lord Jesus called disciples      workin' that committee for the Lord yeah he went down to the lakeshore      workin' that committee [...]

An Impossible Task

When I tell my colleague bishops about our plan for the synod to host “God in your Mercy, Hear our Prayer: An Election Year Worship Service," they have two immediate responses: “What a great idea. What an impossible task.” The consensus is that, yes, we should pray for elections and governmental leaders AND, no, it [...]

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