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Love work

By Rev. Deb Stehlin One of my colleagues is the Rev. Patricia Davenport. We got to know one another because she has served with me on the “new starts team” for the ELCA. She was recently installed as bishop in Philadelphia. I got to watch the worship service via live stream. Oh, what a celebration [...]

What letting go looks like

By Rev. Deb Stehlin Have you recovered from your Holy-Week-into-Easter observance? If you’re leader in a congregation, you’ve probably preached, sang in the choir, and made sure there’s enough toilet paper in the restroom. Today, you might still feel like you’re walking through wet cement. But it’s a good kind of tired, right? Because Christ [...]


By Rev. Deb Stehlin, Director for Evangelical Mission As I’ve been out and about lately, I’ve noticed people wearing safety pins. It’s something that first started after the Brexit vote in Europe, as a sign that the person wearing the pin is “safe.” A person wearing a safety pin has decided to help if someone [...]

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Climbing a Ladder (Not Jacob’s)

By Rev. Deb Stehlin, Director for Evangelical Mission I’m still a little bit surprised that a) I am Lutheran, and b) I’m a pastor. When I was planning out my life as a young adult, my goal was to climb the corporate ladder as high as I could as a woman. An office on executive [...]

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Real Presence

By Rev. Deb Stehlin, Director of Evangelical Mission  “The body of Christ, given for you.” It’s more than a bite of bread and sip of wine. This meal comes with a promise: Jesus has given his life away as gift, freeing and strengthening me for whatever life might throw at me. Real presence: I don’t [...]

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Genius not required

By Rev. Deb Stehlin, Director for Evangelical Mission At the end of Luke 12, Jesus challenges the crowds: “You know how to tell a change in the weather, so don’t tell me you can’t tell a change in the season, the God-season we’re in right now. You don’t have to be a genius to understand [...]

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God’s Big Garage Sale

When I was a young adult, I opted out of church. I still believed in God; and I still prayed. But for many reasons, the imperfect institution got in the way. You’ve heard the statistics that more and more people are voting with their feet when it comes to church. They’re opting out … or [...]

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