Rev. John Hulden

When two or three are gathered, you didn’t organize well enough

By Pr. John Hulden OK, so Matthew 18:20 is that oft quoted, much beloved verse: For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them. (NRSV) It’s beautiful, right? (Caution: I’m going to get a little grumpy here.) Nine times out of ten, I really can’t stand when someone quotes [...]

Confessions of a Church Newsletter Junkie

By Pastor John Hulden Yep, I love reading church newsletters. I like the pictures, the announcements, and, … the “Pastor’s Page” or “Pastor’s Corner” or “From the Pastor” or “A Word from the Pastor” — whatever it might be called. Did you know that church council minutes are fascinating? After decades of church newsletter reading, [...]

Bus Stop Love

By Rev. John Hulden Many years ago, year after year on the day after Labor Day, I would proclaim, “Today, I’m the happiest taxpayer ever!” Why? After another raucous and free-wheelin’ summer with four kids, Becky and I were thrilled to send our little munchkins off to public school. Thank you property taxes, income taxes, [...]

The search for the “secret sauce” and Christian public leadership

By Rev. John Hulden, Assistant to the Bishop How is your congregation doing at lifting up leaders and sending them out to serve the Church? Can you name someone from your congregation who felt the call to leadership in the church and now is a children, youth, and family director? How about someone who is [...]

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Mystery, Passion, and Piano Lessons

By Rev. John Hulden, Assistant to the Bishop I took piano lessons from my dear, dear Mother. Besides being the church organist/soloist/choir director in many of my dad’s parishes, my Mom also had many piano students. I’m sure I was her worst student. I never practiced. Ever. My guess … by the time she got [...]

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Confessions of a First Call Pastor

By Rev. John Hulden, Assistant to the Bishop Way back in 1987, I was brand new at this “pastor” thing. My first call was to Bethany Lutheran on the lower Eastside of Saint Paul. Thankfully, the faithful people at that little church helped teach me about ministry. To learn about ministry at and around Bethany, [...]

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Assigned Seats

By Pastor John Hulden, Assistant to the Bishop I hated assigned seats. Especially in seventh grade. My first experience with a different teacher for every subject was at Ramsey Junior High in south Minneapolis. Some teachers would let us sit where we wanted; others, … no way. I always wanted to sit by the window, [...]

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5 Tips for Kids’ Sermons

By  Rev. John Hulden, Assistant to the Bishop With a gaggle of little sweet ones gathered at the preacher’s feet, who knows what will happen next? Check your next kids’ sermon against these five simple concepts so you don’t get derailed the next time you are called on to preach to kids. Keep It Simple [...]

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