A Teachable Moment

A colleague stirred her coffee and mused, “I wonder how the new tax law will impact how my people give to the church next year?” She is curious, because the standard deduction has roughly doubled for all filers. (Important resources are available to explain the impact of this tax change.) It’s expected that fewer people [...]

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Process or content

By Bob Hulteen, Director of Communications and Stewardship Is stewardship more about outcome or process? I mean, budgets must be met, right? Buildings must be heated in the long, cold winter months. Professional staff must be compensated for the ministry they offer. But, if we only look at paying bills, do we ever really get [...]

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E-Newsletters I Love

Email newsletters can be such a blessing – and such a curse! They are a great way to keep up with a church, an online resource, or a writer of interest without doing a deep-dive into new material... but WOW, can they fill up your inbox in a hurry! At the risk of inducing “inbox [...]

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