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Reaching Those in the First Third of Life

The Minneapolis Area Synod provides support, networking, and educational opportunities for staff and volunteers who work with Children, Youth, and Family (CYF).  A vibrant CYF ministry is critical to a flourishing congregation. At the same time, the work of the CYF leader can be challenging. The synod works to provide companions and support for this important work.

IMG_0483Supporting Our Youth and Families

Jason, 16, lives in two homes. One week he lives with his mom and younger sister; the other week with his dad and step mom and their baby.  Jason’s life is filled with constant change. Everything from figuring out which house his sports equipment is at, trying to manage being the youngest grade in high school, and trying to find a part-time job so he can afford drivers education.

All this is overwhelming for Jason.

In First Third ministries we support our lay and volunteer staff in churches so they can provide a space where Jason feels at home, is reminded often that he is a beloved child of God,  can laugh and learn, be with friends, and experience a lively community of faith.  This is why First Third ministry leaders are critical to congregational life.

Plan Ahead

In partnership with the Saint Paul Area Synod and InterServe Ministries, the Minneapolis Area Synod hosts various learning events throughout the year.

MAS/SPAS 2018 Youth Gathering Info Meeting

June 8 @ 2:00 pm3:30 pm, Price of Peace, Roseville

At this meeting, we will cover timeline, registration, budget, theme/vision and the details we know about transportation, housing and food. Hope you can make it! We will also do an online webinar, stay tuned for details on that. Sign up here:

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