Worship and Music Lay Job Opportunities

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Position Title: Contemporary Worship Leader

Congregation Name and City: All Saints Lutheran Church, Minnetonka

Brief Position Description and How to Apply: Take the lead, in collaboration with pastors and worship teams, in the creation of inspiring and engaging contemporary worship. Responsibilities include music selection, rehearsal, effective coordination, communication and preparation, leading the band and the congregation during worship, and recruiting and directing instrumentalists and vocalists. The ideal candidate will be comfortable creating an overall rock sound, while integrating musical diversity; and will also bring or develop a good knowledge of worship presentation software and soundboards and be able to lead our tech team, integrating multimedia into worship effectively. Contact Pastor Jon Pederson (jpederson@allsaintsmtka.org or 952-934-3550 x12) with questions and for a complete job description.

Part-time or Full-time: Part-time

Application Deadline: December 21, 2017

Contact Person: Jon Pederson, jpederson@allsaintsmtka.org, (952) 934-3550

Posted on 11/22/17

Position Title: Director of Music Ministries

Congregation Name and City: Farmington Lutheran Church

Brief Position Description and How to Apply:
Farmington Lutheran Church, in Farmington Minnesota is a growing and thriving ELCA congregation, in the southern metro area. We are seeking candidates to fill a Director of Music Ministries Position. Farmington Lutheran Church has a longstanding history of excellence in music ministries. We celebrate Christ with 3 worship services, one on Saturday evening and two Sunday morning services, including contemporary praise band services. Our Congregation enjoys an adult sanctuary choir, multiple children’s choirs, and an adult and children’s handbell and chimes choir. Music resources include an 11 rank Wicks Pipe Organ, 4 octaves of Malmark Handbells, 3 octaves of chimes, Yamaha Sound System, electric keyboard and drums and a grand sanctuary piano. This full-time position focuses on the following


The Director of Music Ministries will foster the congregation’s spiritual enrichment through the ministry of music; providing vision and overall leadership of the music program.

To guide, plan, support and coordinate the congregation’s music ministries.

Seek to enhance the worship experience of the congregation, and encourage congregation members to grow spiritually through the development and use of their musical talents and skills.

To be collaborative and cooperative with staff, ministry teams and others to best integrate music ministry throughout the life of the congregation.



a. Plan, lead, direct and coordinate in cooperation with the Pastor(s) the music for worship services, both regular and special seasonal services throughout the church year, and special events (i.e. confirmation).
b. Active recruitment of choir members and solo or ensemble vocalists and instrumentalists from within the congregation.
c. Play the organ and/or piano during regular and special seasonal worship services throughout the year. Music generally played includes, but not limited to, prelude, postlude, hymns, offertory and liturgy.
d. Direct the congregation’s choral groups (i.e. Sanctuary Choir, Handbell Choirs, and Contemporary Music Group) during worship services as scheduled. Select appropriate choral music for the services. Rehearse with the choirs/music groups as scheduled plus extra rehearsals as needed to prepare for special events and to strengthen the choir’s musical abilities and bonds of fellowship.
e. Serve as accompanist with Sanctuary Choir.
f. Encourage and rehearse with vocalists, instrumentalists and ensembles within the congregation, serving as accompanist as needed.
g. Coordinate performances of guest musicians in collaboration with the Worship and Music Ministry Team.
h. Oversee and support the rehearsals and worship performances of children/youth choirs and musicians (i.e Little Lambs, Wee Praise, Sonshine Singers, Jammin’ For Jesus, Praise Band).
i. Serve as a consultant to Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, and church groups or individuals desiring special help in church-related musical activities as needed.
j. Arrange substitute pianists/organists as needed.
k. Knowledge of sound booth and equipment (mics, cords, monitors, (can run from iPad))
l. Will have right of first refusal to play the organ/piano for all funerals and weddings.


a. Facilitates the Worship and Music Ministry Team in the area of general planning, budgeting and leadership of the music program. Plans and attends meetings of the Worship and Music Ministry Team to inform and advise regarding the music program and to receive guidance. Further cooperation shall include keeping abreast of changes in Lutheran worship, instructing others in these changes as they affect the music, and implementing the changes as directed by the Pastor(s) and the Worship and Music Ministry Team.
b. Purchase all necessary vocal and music supplies, the maintenance of the choral music library, maintenance of instruments, and facilitating the contracting of professional instrumental or vocal performers for special services. Expenditures shall not exceed the amount provided in the Church budget.
c. Responsible for following and adhering to all applicable copyright laws.
d. Attend scheduled staff meetings.
e. Meet with Pastor(s) regularly to review the overall worship life of the congregation.
f. Arrange and coordinate substitution piano/organ.

Part-time or Full-time: Full time

Application Deadline: December 30, 2017

Contact Person: Sara Otterness, HR@farmingtonlutheran.com, (612) 701-6772

Posted on 11/22/17

Position Title: Accompanist/Service Musician

Congregation Name and City: Advent Lutheran Church, Maple Grove

Brief Position Description and How to Apply: Located at the crossroads of Osseo, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park, and Champlin. Advent Lutheran Church was founded in 1966.  A growing congregation of about 1600 active members and children, we are deeply committed to vibrant worship, dedicated service, ongoing faith development, and warm fellowship. We are a member of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) at a national level, and a member of the Minneapolis Area Synod at a local level.

Primary responsibilities:
• Prepare for rehearsals with Advent choir(s) as assigned
• Lead sectional rehearsals, rehearse with soloists and ensembles as needed
• Rehearse and accompany Advent choir
• Accompany other ensembles as needed
• Accompany additional worship services including, but not limited to, Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter as
• Lead hymns and liturgies for worship.
• Other duties as assigned
Musical Qualifications:
• Proficiency in piano
• A degree in piano or piano performance or equivalent church accompanying experience
• Previous experience as a choral accompanist: abilities to read closed and open score.
• Strong sight-reading skills
• Ability to lead sectional rehearsals if needed
• Ability to lead congregation hymns: Strong knowledge of Lutheran hymnody and the Evangelical Lutheran Worship
(ELW) hymnal.
• Ability to work independently of supervisor to accomplish routine and regular tasks

All interested applicants please send your resume and required salary to:
Advent Lutheran Church
9475 Jefferson Highway
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Part-time or Full-time: Part-time

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017

Contact Person: Dennis Wallisch, denniswallisch@adventlutheran.com, (952) 425-4243

Posted on 11/8/17

Position Title: Organist/Pianist/Accompanist

Congregation Name and City: Calvary Lutheran Church, Edina

Brief Position Description and How to Apply: Calvary Lutheran Church of Edina, MN seeks an Organist/Pianist/Accompanist to serve in our Sunday Worship Services and Wednesday evening choir practices from November 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018. The position will be reassessed at the end of January.

Calvary Lutheran is a small church that has a fun-loving and dedicated choir and bell choir. The congregation appreciates a variety of music and likes to sing. Sunday music ranges from the traditional to accompaniment with African drums and percussion instruments and once a year an orchestra arises for carols.

The organist serves as part of a music team consisting of the Director of Music, Pastor, and Worship and Music Chairperson. The organist also oversees the maintenance of the Van Daalen Tracker Organ and three pianos in the church. Sunday hours would be 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Wednesday practices would be 6:45 to 8:45 p.m. The position is approximately .25 time.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to Marcia Coon, Chair of the Worship and Music Committee at MCoon@calvaryedina.org. The position will remain open until filled

Part-time or Full-time: Part-time

Application Deadline: Until filled

Contact Person: Marcia Coon, MCoon@calvaryedina.org, (952) 221-3132

Posted on 10/25/17

Position Title: Director of Traditional Music

Congregation Name and City: All Saints Lutheran Church, Minnetonka

Brief Position Description and How to Apply: All Saints Lutheran Church in Minnetonka (allsaintsmtka.org) is seeking an experienced musician and leader to be responsible for the creation of inspiring traditional music. Major areas of responsibility include:
• Selecting hymns and music
• Working with pastors and teams to craft the overall worship experience
• Integrating, leading and/or overseeing all choirs and musicians (including adult, handbell, youth and children’s choirs and brass ensemble)
• Playing organ and piano at weekly services, weddings, funerals and other special services

Final job responsibilities and hours of this substantial part-time position will be negotiated based on experience and areas of focus. The role of directing the children’s and youth choirs may be a separate position.

All Saints Lutheran has a rich and diverse experience of music and draws upon talented musicians and vocalists within the congregation. Our 22 rank Schantz organ will receive a new rank of pipes at the start of 2018.

Contact Pastor Jon Pederson (jpederson@allsaintsmtka.org or 952-934-3550 x12) with questions and for a complete job description

Part-time or Full-time: Part-time

Application Deadline: December 5, 2017

Contact Person: Jon Pederson, jpederson@allsaintsmtka.org, (952) 934-3550

Posted on 10/20/17